Florence is the first release of our Hurricane Hemp line. Showing us a blend of characteristics from Baox + Otto II, Florence will have lean and lanky buds yet compact stalky branches which help withstand coastal winds. The long, narrow buds will dry faster after rain and will be less likely to break branches in storms.

High yield and finish fast.

*While the argument of uniformity with growing clones in the field is a strong point, we choose to use trusted seeds for our feminized seed projects because we find the phenotypic variation in the field helps control pest outbreaks. Most hemp farmers use a monocropping model, a pest's dream, so integrating different phenotypes helps widespread outbreaks.*

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As a Baox + Cherrywine cross, the BoxWine variety is a unique blend of both genetics. Pulling characteristics of the Baox, showing a thin structure, quick flower time and quick drying time as well as traits of vigor, rapid branching and bushing from the Cherrywine, our BoxWine shows us the best of both worlds.

Hurricane Hemp, Florence


Special Orders

Seedlings: In addition to seed purchase we offer seedlings as well upon request.

Clones: While we specialize in feminized seed and stand by the seed vs. clone data, we acknowledge the need for both. We will be offering clones from our mother plants upon special order.